Winding down after my mosaics class. Not as relaxing as usual as a deadline looms. We have an exhibition soon and my piece is not ready.

I’m going to have to find time and space at home to work on it. So, my blogs may soon be typed with  fingers bloodied  from  toiling with the tile nippers.

So forgive me in advance if I start  babbling about beads and buttons and fragments of china I’ve picked up from the foreshore, bus stop glass and found earrings and broken jewelry.

This rubbish is what my dreams are made from.


9 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Hello Isobel; sounds lovely. Can we see picture? I think you should just put these posts straight up on the main page as well,so everyone gets a look ; )

  2. I meant to put this on the main site, but clicked the wrong button…

    I like having both pages, the community one that is DNMT, and my own. I asked Bearsy to create the blogroll, because that seemed a way still being linked but also having some space to say things I wouldn’t necessarily put there. I can add sites that interest me, like Englistics, to my blogroll. As you’ve probably worked out, my political inclinations do not lean towards the Conservatives, so sometimes I’m a bit uncomfortable with the dominant shared views expressed on DNMT, though a lot less so than on MyT!

  3. Ok, I’ll see what I can do, I have one from a few weeks ago where we laid out the different parts of the mosaic on white paper while thinking about what background it should have to achieve a unity between the different parts. Not great photo though, colours not clear either. Tried again last night, minus camera and played with bits and pieces so think I know where I’m headed.
    So, do you want to see it as it was, or are you prepared to wait?

  4. I have twice now tried to add you to my blog roll. When I follow your procedure I get a message which says ‘I see you’ve played knifey spoony before’…. but nothing else seems to happen. Odd?

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