12 thoughts on “Bottom of the class

  1. Well done Claire! You found the Leave a comment instruction. Yes, aren’t they good photos. Not mine though. they were sent to me in an email. I am wondering if it is a pet rat, as I can’t help wondering how the photographer just kept taking pictures instead of getting rid of the rat!

  2. Really strange, I had to approve your comments Bilby, but no one else’s. I think I need to check my settings!
    I like the way the rat is holding its paws in the third and fourth pix. v expressive, it really looks like it’s telling the cat, well it’s more of a kitten really, something important.

  3. How odd, Isobel!

    Yes, I love the third and fourth photos too. The rat must be a pet, surely, but it looks very much like a wild one.

  4. Morning!
    It must be a pet rat. Though our Fred and George were never on friendly terms with our cat – the cat was scared of them, although in the wild he’d catch rats and eat them.

  5. Interesting Pseu! Rats are clever animals aren’t they. Yours must have worked out how to dominate the cat I imagine. I’ve never had them. I had gerbils years ago, and our dachshund used to sit halfway up the stairs looking down on them longingly.

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