Friday Morning Photos

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Swans by the water

    This morning was every bit as beautiful as yesterday. This time I took some photos. The swans are so tame they swim up as soon as you appear, so I didn’t manage to photograph them doing as many swanny things as I’d have liked.
    The geese looked on derisively. Tonight they and all their pals have taken over the field. They’ll be there half the night, grazing and honking away, like habitual drinkers at a favourite pub.
    Cat was happier and more relaxed when I left, sleeping in slanted sunlight.

9 thoughts on “Friday Morning Photos

    • Hi Levent,
      Thanks for commenting. Nice to see you here.
      I wonder why some people think swans are unlucky? Odd.
      BTW in Turkey, do black cats mean good or bad luck? Here, if a black cat crosses your path it means good luck, but in some countries it would mean bad luck.

        • Actually, I guess you are blessed, Isobel.

          In Islam cat is said to be blessed. One of the companion of our prophet was named by the prophet; Abu Hureyre. Which means the father of cats. Because he loved cats. Once he, Abu Hureyre, cut overhanging part of his coat not to wake a sleeping cat on it.

          So cats are believed to bring blessings.

          And as they show their gratitude not to owners but to the real owner. Some see a lesson in their nature. 🙂

  1. Yes I had heard the story about Mohamed being a cat lover. Some say the tabby’s M on its head is from him, there’s a story about Mary liking cats too and blessing them with the M.

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