Can You See What It Is Yet?

It was really nice to make just a little piece after all the different elements of the piece I did for the exhibition.
I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, but when I came to do it my image of the tree had changed. I had started to think of it as tree in blossom.
A friend wants to buy it. I suggested a price. She thought it too low. So, without declaring her interest, I asked an opinion from the teacher. She promptly suggested a sum four times higher than I had asked.
But a Friend’s a Friend. And all the beautiful pieces of glass in this are her leftovers. The bits I’ve picked out of her discard pile. So in a way, she’s already paid for part of it.
I think we’ll reach a compromise somewhere near my original price.

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2 thoughts on “Can You See What It Is Yet?

  1. I’ve been sat looking at it for several minutes now, I’m not if I should be seeing something hidden or not. All I can see is an artists talent for creating something that is easy on the eye and holds your attention. Your friend is getting a bargain whatever the cost.

  2. Hi Val, It’s a tree that has been in blossom. Abstract, because that’s what most of my stuff is. Sorry if the title misled you. It’s because another friend, looking at it said, ‘That looks rather like a tree’. At which, the friend who wants to buy it made sarcastic cheering noises, and I was just pleased they both liked it!
    I was given a broken lattice work bowl by someone in the ceramics department and this piece suggested a tree to me.
    You may see more bits of it cropping up from time to time in the future.

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