Birthday weekend

By good luck, and great timing on my parents’ part, I was born on 1st May, which an enlightened government a few decades ago decided should be a Bank Holiday to celebrate Labour Day, which may have made Mother feel her efforts bringing me into the world had at last been recognised.
The only down side is that lots of people take off for the weekend, so you can feel a Billy-No-Mates if you want to celebrate the day.
Well, that’s my excuse for coming east for das Boot with Cat.
We got here yesterday evening after a journey that was less grim than I had anticipated. The forecast for the weekend was so dreadful, maybe some people decided to stay home and clean the windows. It did rain in the night, but today has been gorgeous. One of those absolutely perfect spring days. I forgot my camera or I’d nauseate you with pictures of trees in full blossom; bluebells; little goslings; blue blue skies with wispy clouds; roads where trees parade every shade of green; fields of acidic yellow rape.
Cat stayed aboard while I spent the day with Mother. She was on form, only getting our relationship in a muddle as the afternoon drew to a close. We opened the door into the garden; chose places to hang some pictures; lunched in sunshine and drank quantities of apple juice.
‘What do you call this?’ asked Mother.
‘Apple juice.’
‘It’s lovely. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.’
Her joy in ‘discovering’ apple juice every time she has it, is about the only positive thing about her dementia. My aunt had bought a card and some chocolates for her to give me. I had to thank her and gently take them out of her hands before she opened them.
Now it’s a quiet evening on das Boot with Cat and the crossword. I’ve eaten a huge meal and friends are coming tomorrow.
The rain has just started. I’d batten down the hatches if I had any. As it is I’m making do with shutting the doors and the windows. Apparently we’re in for a huge storm at about four in the morning.
Not Cat’s favourite weather conditions, so it may be quite a night.

I’ve decided to save the champagne until tomorrow.

26 thoughts on “Birthday weekend

  1. Many happy returns, Isobel and have a lovely weekend.

    You are so understanding and kind with your mother.

    Batten down the hatches and get Cat undercover.

  2. Thanks Araminta. I keep having a nasty feeling that I’ve left the car sunroof open, but it’s pelting down now and if I have I shall just have to face a soggy car tomorrow!
    I still haven’t finished the xw, but I think I’m going to have to go to bed in a mo’. Sweet dreams.

  3. No, my father was not called Clive – you really don’t know me and I absolutely promise this isn’t a wind up.

    It would be very difficult to be specific about what I am a fan of because you write well about many things but it would be fair to say that I like to hear tales of Cat.

    • Well I’m blushing now, tho’ as i suspected from the start, Cat is always going to be the star. He has quality.
      I must go to bed now or I shall fall over.
      Sweet dreams.

  4. Hello Isobel, belated Happy Birthday wishes to you. What a lovely story little story you’ve written here, the mention of your Mum tugged at the heart strings a bit, it was lovely.
    I will post some pics later, think of them as a late birthday treat for a lovely lady.

    PS. I’m singing happy birthday, can you hear me?

  5. Morning Val. Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on my email for the alert of your post. 🙂
    Can just about hear you but it’s still tipping down here. Have come online to see if I can find out what the weather’s going to be like later.

  6. Happy Birthday for yesterday, Isobel.

    Cyclomaniac has gone off on a 80 mile ride, so I’m glad most of the rina has stopped for now, but it’s pretty blustery still.

  7. je viens de passer une journee magnifique avec ma chere iso sur son bateau. We celebrated Isobel’s birthday in style with a great pub lunch and a nice walk in lovely countryside….. My dog Ziggy really loved it …. The cat behaved impeccably… we all feel great .. i shall definitely come back and Steve is going to buy a boat Nah !!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Isobel!! Belated, I’m afraid but none the less warm for it. 🙂

    I’m disturbed to find that you may have left DNMT. Waaah. Hope it wasn’t to do with the comments about “arty-farty” types. Personally, I feel that’s a compliment anyway. I have subscribed so I won’t lose track of you. 🙂

    • Thanks, it was a lovely birthday.
      Arty-farty? Moi? Quel horreur!
      Nice to know you’ve subscribed. 🙂
      One day i’d like you to explain how twitter works please!

  9. Jaime, it’s lovely when a birthday goes on for a few days, so don’t applogise for lateness. No need.
    His Furriness is asleep on the silk cushion. I shall pass on your greetings when he awakes. 🙂

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