Blissy Boating

Some friends came up to the boat yesterday. The same ones who came my birthday weekend.
Just call me Miss Marple, but you know what, I think they like it here. Something about the big smiles; the words paradise, perfect, I love it; the way their shoulders settle back where they ought to be, gives the game away.
Their dog likes it too.
Last time, he was fine on the boat itself, but flattened himself on the pontoon in the way dogs have to show they are not happy. Yesterday he went onto another pontoon to say hello to a friendly native, and as for the people in the motor home, well you’d have thought he’d known them all his life.
We wanted to take the boat out, but there were logistics to deal with, which meant keeping both Cat and Z happy and safe while still being able to see out of the back of the boat. So we couldn’t reapply last time’s solution of simply closing the door between the galley and the aft cabin.
A Solution was Required.
While we had lunch, and enjoyed the sunshine with the boat in coupé mode, and a nice bottle of château Waitrose they’d brought, Z wore Cat’s lifejacket and was tethered to a drawer handle.
Cat slept.

It seemed to work, so mid-afternoon, off we set for a pootle down the river. Teamwork. S at the helm, P on boat hook, me at the ropes. Maybe we should start a band.
S was enviably stylish in the way he took the boat out of the marina entrance. We had encouragement from two lovely boaters who were working on their boat. They are reluctantly selling it. It’s a gorgeous boat, though it needs some work. Their daughter owns half of it and needs the cash for her higher education fees.
It was a good thing Z was tethered. The reversal of his usual position vis-à-vis ducks had him scrambling to leave the boat and get them. His little nose twitched constantly.
We all took turns at the helm so that we could enjoy a turn about the boat and stare at the riverbanks.
The quiet of our conversation was punctuated at intervals by P squeaking at S to take a photograph. A heron flow across the river. The geese and their adolescent goslings were strutting their stuff, two adult swans waited on the river bank as their tiny cygnets struggled up the bank. The grass was green, the skies were blue, a gentle breeze kept us cool.
Cat slept.

S guided us back into the marina smoothly; demonstrating that our exit had not been a fluke, but skill. We tied up and then it was time for them to leave.

I think we have a team.

And yes, I have nicked the title from Janh1.

17 thoughts on “Blissy Boating

  1. Oh yes, superb photo Isobel, the focus is 100% perfect, what a lovely shot.
    You paint a lovely picture here, so serene and gentle, lovely post.

  2. Thanks Val. Fortunately Araminta spotted that his tag was giving his name and home address away, and she kindly edited the pic to protect his privacy.
    Which brings me to another question.
    How can I edit or blur parts of pictures that I don’t want people to see?

  3. Hi Pseu, that was fast!
    I’ve downloaded Picasa but not got to grips with it. I’ve just emailed Araminta to say thanks and to ask her how she removed Z’s personal info, and how to copyright pix using Picasa.

    How’s your camera search going?
    i bought mine from London Camera Exchange because although I could have probably got it cheaper on the web, the people there are all camera enthusiasts, listen to your requirements and are happy to spend time showing you things and answering your questions in a non-patronising way.

  4. Hi Isobel.Depending on what software you have, you can pixilate or blur areas you want hidden, without spoiling the whole image. In Picasa its very easy with their tools; you can have the blur as small or as large as you wish. This tool is actually for softening an area and to highlight the main image, if that makes sense. The software that came with camera might have a tool too, check and see. I have quite a few software programs that do all manner of things, many echo each other, but some have added features. The canon software that came with my camera is very good indeed, I’ve just updated it too.

    I’ve now decided to take all my photos in Raw. Raw holds a huge amount of information for each image; I can then keep those images safe somewhere, copy them and change them to jpep. Due to the amount of information stored on Raw image, it cuts down the amount of space on the camera memory card, but I do have a large memory card so it’s no real bother.

    Psst, I was talking to someone a few days ago who has a Hassleblad….crikey, what a camera that is, if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it, between £20.000 and £50.000.

    • I’ve got something called Silkypix which came with the camera. Also Picasa. Which tools do I use?
      Sorry, I am v impatient with software if I don’t immediately see how to use it.
      You know, I was thinking that when I download i lose all that info, so I shall re-read your comment and see if i can make that work for me too.
      Who was the person with the Hasselblad? A pro I’m guessing, but a top flight pro too I imagine.
      Did s/he let you have a go?

  5. As a matter of fact Picasa doesn’t work for your needs, I tried a little while ago. Leave it with me and I’ll find out for you. Araminta may come back with the solution in the mean time.
    The chap with the Hasselblad is a professional but so much in photography, he’s a forensic officer with the police. He just likes good things and his camera is one of those things.
    I’ll be back later

  6. Hi Isobel.

    Looking good now; well with the exception of my very amateurish amendments, but it did the trick.

    I can do better if I’m not in such a rush.

    Sounds like a very good day, and such a congenial crew.

    • 😎 Thanks for your good help.
      I got v frustrated with Silkypix. according to the onscreen manual it could do everything I wanted, but i’m datbed if i could find how even to start.
      About to download Gimp, then I need to give it a rest and attend to other things.

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