I’ve been out of sorts all day.
Not unwell, just not really on the ball. I’ve found it very difficult to concentrate or get down to things that needed doing.
I know it was hot and humid, it still is humid, and even quite hot, but that wasn’t it. Or at least, not all of it.
I dragged myself up to the local Open Studios event hoping others’ artistic endeavours would stimulate me into a more positive frame of mind. There were some wonderful pieces to see but I still couldn’t shake off my lassitude. One of my neighbours has a publishing business there.
I struggled to have a conversation with him.
‘You’re boatlagged,’ he said, when I tried to explain my feelings of dislocation.
And by golly, I think he’s right.

6 thoughts on “Boatlag

    • Well, I don’t know if I’m pleased to hear that or not! I was hoping a good night’s sleep would help me find my rhythm again for tomorrow.
      Off to bed soon. So sweet dreams to you.

  1. Today started badly, for me at least, but has finished up quite well… with an unexpected visit from my sister with her new bloke on a bike.

    I hope a better day for you tomorrow.

    • Still struggling. Just back from working. Not my best. I think I was so zoned out on the boat on Friday and enjoying being so, that it’s a real struggle to get to grips with normal life and its demands again. Maybe if I’d had a bit more time there to just chill I would be readier. Don’t know.

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