Colour Me Marina

One of the things I like about looking at boats, is that so many of them have those bright child’s paintbox colours about them.

Wandering about the marina can feel a bit like being in a picture book. And there’s always wildlife to see.

And I love the details; the way people organise things on their boats.

I’d never think of buying a mustard coloured lifebuoy,

but these hooters are irresistibly fancy,

and this boat is straight out of Toytown.

6 thoughts on “Colour Me Marina

  1. Oh wow, look at you with your copyright, wonderful Isobel. These are great shots, I love the cobweb. The first one too is great, see the rain drops teetering below the steel bars, lovely.

    • Thanks Val! I took a few of the cobwebs, so I may post them later. Spiders like boats a lot it seems.
      The Copyrighting took me a shocking amount of time, but I’m hoping I’ll get quicker!

  2. Yes!Like a child’s paintbox: bright and straight. Bold and true. Pure.
    Then, the delicate cobweb; just above the water.
    And the subtility of the raindrops on the reels.
    The entire world around a riverboat!!!

    • I’m glad you are enjoying it. You’ll be starting your own blog next.
      Have you looked at the ones in Catalan? I’m presuming there are some here.
      How about the photographic blogs?

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