Last Night London

A picture taken from my window just before bed last night.


11 thoughts on “Last Night London

    • Hi Araminta. Thanks. I’ll need to try to keep the camera still to get a better pic. It is my nightly view from the bedroom window.
      I was only thinking the other day that I’d not seen or heard much of you recently.
      How are things?

      • I’m fine, thank you Isobel.

        Just busy, and absorbed with family and friends, houses, garden and the internet has to take second place at the moment.

        • Damp and cold here tonight. Cat is on my knee and everything else is out of reach, so it’s a good time to surf, tho’ not v comfortable!
          Enjoy the summer. it sounds v balanced.

  1. Hi Isobel, what a great view you have from your window, even better at night I imagine, as this image shows.
    Try putting a few books or a box on the window sill to put the camera on when you take the shot, that way, you won’t have any camera shake….acts like a tripod.

    • Thanks Val.
      The problem is the style of window: the sort that hinged ore hinged on the horizontal so I struggle to get a window free view. It’s ok looking down, as with the fox, but much harder looking across.

  2. A small bean bag works well as a camera stabilizer. I have some I use as door stops: upholstery fabric filled with rice or split peas… and they nestle the camera steady quite effectively. Its that or a gorilla pod…..

    • Too?
      I’m not far from the South Bank. Yes everything is v handy. It’s a lot livelier than it was even a few years ago. In the past I’ve signed lots of petitions to Save Borough Market. It’s got much more powerful supporters these days.
      The transformation of Bankside Power Station into Tate Modern has had a massive impact on this corner of London.

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