Hot Cat?

I’ve been out out work since just before ten this morning. Cat, who had been in the garden, came in and settled to sleep on my bed, just before I left.  I got home at seven this evening, and he slept on. Most unusual. I think his hearing may be diminishing, so I went up to him and said hello – well gave him a kiss actually. He opened his eyes, stretched and remained on the bed.

In the bathroom I found he’d used the litter tray;  not the healthiest bowel movement.  The window was open fortunately so the  smell was diluted. I cleaned it all up, replenished the cat litter, washed myself. Still Cat slept. Odd.

I made dinner. I had just put down my knife and fork and moved to the sofa with the newspaper when Cat appeared. He sat and looked at me for a moment, but declined the invitation to join me on the sofa for a bit of post prandial bonding. Instead he headed back to the bedroom. And more sleep.

This was so unlike him. He wasn’t asking to be groomed, to eat, to go out. Nothing. There didn’t seem anything obviously wrong, and he was fine when I left him in the morning, but I began to feel worried.

A further half hour observing him and I called the emergency vet. Lethargy could be a sign of many things, but they suggested that I wait until the sun has gone down and the air has cooled. Apparently lots of pets have been affected by the heat today.

I’m waiting for that yawn and stretch, the demanding miaow and the request to out into the garden that’ll signal than his uncharacteristic behaviour is nothing more than a reaction to the weather.

30 thoughts on “Hot Cat?

  1. Do keep an eye out, Isobel. I’m sure you will, but I’m sorry to hear Cat is not feeling well.

    It has not been especially hot here today, but if you are in London it does seem to be somewhat warmer.

    I hope he will recover soon, but it must be a worry.

  2. Thanks Araminta. I’ve been working in a fairly cool building today, so had not appreciated how warm it was. I am guessing I shall know in an hour or so if there is something wrong, but if he’s just heat weary it may take a night for him to be himself.
    I am a lot more vigilant about any signs something is wrong as he gets older. I would hate to miss something and leave it too late.

  3. Hello, Isobel

    I do hope Cat feels better soon. Always a worry, especially with a cat of a certain age. Let’s hope it’s just a minor tummy upset and the effects of the heat. Please let us know how he is. Fingers crossed.

  4. I know what you mean, Isobel.

    It is a tough decision; one doesn’t want a beloved pet to suffer unnecessarily, but neither do you want to “pull the plug” too soon.

    I’m sure you will make the right decision and I do hope it is just the heat. You will soon know.

    I hope he will rally, it will not be the same without him and I’m sure you will miss him dreadfully, but not yet hopefully.

    Fingers crossed.


  5. Thanks Bilby. A rare sighting of you in the blogosphere.
    Oh Araminta you are ahead of me! I meant that I would want to make sure if he had any signs of something going wrong i got him treated quickly and onto medication, I sincerely hope it’s a long way to plug pulling time. I am worried that if he is hot and has had a stomach upset he could be dehydrated, so i shall be hoping he has a drink of water soon.

  6. Lift off!
    Miaow, appetite, purr and napoleonic disposition all restored.
    Bulletin to be posted on gates of buckingham Palace shortly.
    Celebratory silly post to be put up likewise.
    Thanks A and B for your comments. 🙂

  7. Pets are feeling the heat just now, the family dog of my Son and co has his own fan would you believe. He lays in front of it looking ‘cool’. When my son puts the hose on to water the garden, the dog stands under it getting a soaking, he loves it.
    I guess you can’t do that with cats 😉

  8. I had noticed that he had been shedding quantities of fur which they do when t gets warm. Outside, he likes to get in under the shrubs and stay cool lying on the earth.
    It does seem to be exhausting him. He woke up a few times in the night and woke me up too, but he hasn’t asked to go out and is fast asleep on my bed, stretched out and snoring.
    I’m going to keep the blinds lowered and see if that helps.
    No, I don’t think he’d like the hosepipe! But I do stroke him with wet hands to make his fur damp sometimes when it’s hot.

  9. There’s a nice breeze here, but I am finding it v difficult to get on with things. Cat is much more himself. I met a neighbour who said she’d had her first asthma attack in years yesterday and ended up spending an hour in hospital.

    • He’s good thanks.
      It’s been breezy today and I have been at home, so I’ve had windows wide open and there’s been a good draught. He slept a long time last night though, so I am guessing the humidity made him very tired. He’s outside at the moment.
      I’m off to bed soon, so I’m hoping he’ll come in without any problem.

  10. How is Cat coping with the continued heat? You should keep all the curtains shut during the day to reduce the heat build up. There was discussion of damp sheets to keep cool on the news this morning.

  11. Yes I left the b.ind down in the bedroom toady for exactly that reason. Cat stayed inside today, but was quite lively when I got home. After a short spell in the garden, he’s back in and flopped out on the floor. All windows open so there’s a nice cool breeze going through the flat. I think it’ll be an early night.
    I don’t fancy damp sheets much I must say!

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