This Year, Next Year, Sometime, Never?

No I didn’t do it with cherry stones, and it wasn’t about getting married, though I’m sure the duncart bit in the version we used to count put me off, and told me more about the hit and miss of love and happiness than the copies of Jackie I read ever did.

I’ve come on line to check my email and see if my homework from the writing class, which Not-Melissa promised to return by Thursday, was in the inbox. And it wasn’t. Nor was it in the Spam box.

Considering the mini lecture we got about deadlines, I find it a bit rich that she hasn’t kept to hers. I wouldn’t mind so much if she had sent a message apologising for the non-return. Things crop up; family commitments trip up the best of us, but my feeling is that this disrespectful and rather rude.

Of course, if I find out now that she was rushed into hospital on Wednesday I am going to feel very guilty.

Ah well, back to the paper clearing. I can almost see the carpet now.

12 thoughts on “This Year, Next Year, Sometime, Never?

  1. Hi Isobel. You just can’t rely on people can you 🙂
    Give it another day, then start writing a strongly worded email; just before you click send, her mail will arrive full apologies and genuine excuses……then you can start deleting:-)

  2. I’m thinking of editing it myself and sending it to her tonight if i’ve not heard anything. It would be better if I had her comments and suggestions, but I’m going away for a few days and would like this sorted before I go. It is starting to annoy me!

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