20 thoughts on “The Fox Family

  1. The wall they are on looks really high – how do they get up and down?

    Do your neighbours realise that you are photographing the foxes rather than their house? The foxes know you are there 😀

    • There’s a buttress that Cat used to use. When he could jump and climb, that was one of his favourite places. There’s also another bit of wall that juts out, I’ll try to take a pic tomorrow if I have time, that they use as a step.
      Sometimes they know I am there watching and taking photos, sometimes they don’t.
      Yes,I know the neighbours and they know I am taking photos of the foxes.
      Just now when I was out chaperoning Cat, I was v near one of the cubs, but did not have my camera. Drat!

  2. Sometimes it’s good to experience things without the pressure of having to get the perfect photo.

    I’m glad the neighbours know you’re focussing on the foxes 😀

  3. These are excellent Isobel, great family. I have some info about taking photos and the law, I will post it on my tips blog shortly. You can then copy it and print it to carry with you.

    Lovely shots, okay some are not quite focused, but it doesn’t detract from the lovely family.

    • Thanks Val. I may bin the ones that aren’t in focus, but i had just got them from my camera, and decided to post as they were, as either on my page or hers, Sophie had expressed an interest in seeing them.
      I like the first ones the best.
      I was concerned a while ago when gazing at birds on the wall through binoculars that my neighbours might think I was spying on them! But they are more worried that I see them eating tv dinners!

  4. Fortunately we are all very friendly.
    I read something about Londoners only knowing the names of six of their neighbours. Obviously they didn’t carry out the survey around here. i know dozens. and I am not exaggerating. Cat knows more, tho’ possibly not by name…

  5. Enjoyed those pics, Isobel. I’m just amazed how they are living so close to people, apparently unconcerned. They seem to be just outside your neighbours’ windows!

    • Yes, v unconcerned. Their den is on top of the neighbours’ summerhouse. I took a couple of bad pix yesterday of Cat close to the vixen.
      His policy, which seems to work, is to sit still and glare at them, sometimes he swears at them too. They seem unsure how to react. Sometimes they ask him to play. He refuses. The other cats run, so they get chased.
      The cubs are very noisy so I shall be glad when the parents tell them it’s time to move out.

    • I have a new neighbour who moved in at the beginning of the month. I bet she already knows more than six of the neighbours. I think they must be very unfriendly people in these places to know so few people! It would make sense in isolated country areas of course.

  6. I must be very unfriendly then 😀

    I think its about how close you live to your neighbours and how you travel. At home, we knew loads of people on the street because we lived there for years, had a dog so walked it many times and played in and out of people’s houses.

    When I moved into a flat in Edinburgh, I knew all the people in the stair but not many people in other tenements. Knew the shopkeepers though.

    Living on a new estate where you drive in and drive out there is less opportunity to get to know neighbours much beyond a couple of houses either way. If I had a dog, children or walked a bit more, it would probably be different.

  7. I can’t imagine you as an unfriendly person Sophie. Maybe you are the exception that proves the rule.
    I have met quite a few people through admiring their dogs, and also because Cat likes to increase his public by loitering on the pavement while I wait for him to come in. And yes, we do walk to the shops, library etc.
    How about cycling?

  8. Having experienced city, small town and rural living, I have to say small is somewhat more neighbour friendly; possibly because they are nosier. Who needs CCTV when you have people behind net curtains 🙂
    The only trouble living in a small town like I do, everyone knows who you are.

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