Cat and Fox

I took the first picture from the window. See how Cat is glaring at the Mrs Fox, who is trying to ignore him. 

Then I went outside, thinking to take a picture at ground level, but of course Cat walked towards me.

Later, I took this third picture of Cat, very alert, watching in the garden. The adult foxes  were away hunting with one cub, and the other three were lying low on the walls. Just distinguishable by their pointy ears.

12 thoughts on “Cat and Fox

  1. These are fantastic Isobel, just lovely. Is that the baby fox directly in front of cat, to the right as we look at it, in the third image?

    You should send the first image to the press, they’d love that shot.

  2. I can’t believe that the fox would curl up in the middle of such an open space!

    Love picture 3: Cat’s position in the undergrowth, his alert look, his big pupils and the warm tone to the picture.

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