I was out at work all day and left Cat snoring on the bed.

This evening, I am quite happy to wind down after dinner and chill. Cat is radiating disappointment at my lack of energy. I don’t know quite what he wants me to do, but I do know I’m failing.

Normally I’d be encouraging him to go out, and I’m prepared for another session as a chaperon. The foxes are out and about again. I took some pix earlier. I’ve heard a tale that some foxes tore a cat apart nearby. I don’t know if it’s true, and no one seems to have witnessed the incident, but it means I don’t want Cat out on his own after dark or during the early morning. Last night he raced up the cherry tree and explored the branches. It was just like the old days of his prime.

Still,  I shall be very happy when Mr and Mrs Fox tell the cubs it’s time for them to leave home and set up on their own, and my sleep is less disturbed by Cat pacing about and vocalising from the pre-dawn until breakfast.


8 thoughts on “Incompatible

  1. The probability of it is that Cat will be absolutely fine but I know, in the circumstances, that I would be worrying in the same way as you. The tale of the cat may just be chinese whispers.

    Too late to have Cat change his spots (stripes), he’s just going to keep waking you up in the morning!

    • Quite! We had a turn in the garden last night with one cub v curious and coming close then running away again. Cat glared but was happy to come in. I watched the cubs playing just before I went to sleep. They are increasingly rough and aggressive with each other. Getting ready to go their separate ways I imagine. Cat woke me up at five and I went outside with him. A cub watched us from the wall. rather to my surprise, after his ablutions, Cat signalled that he wanted to come back inside, and he slept in long after I did.
      He is outside now and later I shall take him up to Das Boot, but I want him to have a bit of exercise first.

  2. Getting you up and outside at 5am is fairly barbaric on his part. The Kittens are very good in comparison. We didn’t get out of bed till 10.30, they’ve been out since then and have only just come in for breakfast.

    Cat sounds like he knows his own limitations – but he’s blaming them on you 😀

    • Cat has always got me up at dawn. It dates from when he wasn’t my cat, but would sleep over. I’ll explain another time with a better connection. Wonderfully quiet afloat with no fox noises!

  3. Hah! How about a cat story? The Boa’s Chariot competition staggers on …

    1,000 words, more (but no more than 2,000) or less, in a story that contains a compromising situation. The following words should be included: “bats” and “pungent”.

    Words or pictures in whatever form suits you.

    Deadline midnight GMT (01.00 am BST) on 10 August 2010.

    • Hi Jaime
      i’ve been meaning to email you. I don’t really go to Bearsy’s site. The business on my birthday rather put me off and so it’s not on my beat any more. Also 10th Aug is v soon! If inspiration strikes between now and then, and the connection holds, maybe. Does being out on the streets in pyjamas count as compromising these days?
      However, I had a look at MyT the other day, and have an idea I may develop for there.

  4. hi Isobel, back from hols and collected our cat yesterday from cattery. Much yowling in the car, but seems pretty settled now. Love the fox pictures. e to have foxes visiting, but not ‘nesting’ so close, so no need to limit the cats outside time. We have seen him stand off a huge fox on our back lawn…. it was the fox which ran off.

  5. Hope you had good hols Pseu.
    Cat would probably be fine, but I don’t want to take the risk. The cubs are at the curious stage and could, conceivably, all pounce on him at once, in which case I dread to think what would happen.

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