I’ve finally heard from the tutor of the class I went to in July. She hasn’t been lying unconscious in a darkened room; kidnapped by aliens; or recovering her memory after a blow to the head. No, she’s been abroad. Actually she still is abroad. I’ve heard from her because about ten days ago i contacted the college to ask if anything had happened to her, as I was staring to feel guilty about being cross that I hadn’t got my work back, and if the truth was that she had met with a grisly accident, I could get to work cleaning my soul.

Back in London after being on Das Boot and seeing Mother, but unable to access email, I found a message from the college saying, and one from the tutor. The tutor apologised and said the work would be returned by the end of the week. She had sent the message on Wednesday. Today is Saturday. Saturday is usually considered the end of the week, though some people would argue that Friday is the end of the week, hence the term, weekend. It’s a fair point. However, there was no sign of my work, so emailed and asked for clarification about which week she meant.

I got a reply pretty quickly. Next week. she also said she hoped that was okay.

Now good manners  might dictate that I say yes, that’s absolutely okay. But actually it isn’t. I’m going to get my work back more than a month later than I should have received it.  She didn’t do me the courtesy of writing to me to apologise until I had chased her up. I think that’s pretty unprofessional and also rude and disrespectful. So I replied saying I was sure she’d understand that I was quite hacked off about it. So far no answer. I’ll let you know should I receive one.

14 thoughts on “Respect

  1. I see your point. If you had been led to believe you’d have it by a certain day and it hadn’t come, an apology would be needed.

    BTW I have enrolled on a one day taster in mocsaics locally.

  2. Mocsaics sound like those moccasins with beads sewn onto them.
    Good for you. Hope you enjoy it.
    Need any broken china? I’ve got stacks.
    Amazingly I’ve got my work back! Or rather i have got one piece back. The piece she wants me to edit to go into the college mag. I think my message must have hit a nerve.
    I’ve got to be domestic today, living in a slum, still no voice, but I’ll have a look at it later.

  3. Thanks Pseu, I now have gravel tones. Lee Marvin minus the testosterone. And a Benylin head. It helps me sleep, but I do feel a bit muzzy in the morning. Fortunately i’m not having to go into work until Weds, and then it’s just an afternoon.

    I was thinking about your mosaic taster. I’m guessing they will give you a small piece to do, and probably you’ll use vitreous tiles. You might want to do a sketch of something you fancy doing to save time on the day. And if you are thinking of doing a haiku in mosaics later, it might be an idea to try something now where you’ll learn how to make text stand out.
    If your library has the Martin Cheek source book, you’ll see a whole range of techniques, styles and ideas, including some by my own teacher. Look at it here on amazon

  4. Poor show, Isobel. No wonder you feel hacked off.

    Hope your voice returns and hope even harder than it isn’t the same bug I had/still have remnants of… Lasts in excess of four weeks.

    Take care and inhale menthol and eucalyptus out of a steamy bowl. Not great for the complexion but wonderful for the bronchial tubes and vocal chords!

  5. i think it’s extraordinary that she promised to return the work by a certain date and then didn’t have the courtesy to contact us when she didn’t deliver. An apology and explanation that it would be returned later would have been enough.
    Given that two of my jobs require talking, and that I, like the rest of my family, would not need to kiss the Blarney Stone, I’m hoping for a speedy recovery too! The echinacea spray is v soothing, and I am croaking more effectively, so I have my fingers metaphorically crossed.

    • Thanks Sophie. Yes I copied my emails to her replies to the department. They actually sent me a complaints form, but i’m not going for that option unless I don’t get my other work back. Anyway, it’s made me ask pertinent questions about the feedback etc on another course I’m thinking of doing. So, it has been useful.

      • Does the fact that its called a complaint form put you off responding? Because complaining is just not British!

        You should respond. It may be that they’ll only count the number of complaints that they receive but hopefully they’ll actually take it on board to improve service delivery for other people in the future.

  6. I am not quite so nice. That’s not really true. Because its part of my job to give feedback to improve service by suppliers, its not so much about not being nice but about being honest so the college can do something constructive so that other people don’t have the same experience.

    Potentially the other people on the course have all felt the same way as you, complained to their friends and none of those people will ever pay for a course there again. And the college doesn’t know.

    • Another of the class has been saying she is going to ask about her work too. I think my emails have been clear enough, and copied to enough people, to send signals to the department and the tutor. I don’t know whether she sent anyone else’s work back. I can’t see Fellow Student standing by silently if she didn’t get her work returned.

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