Disturbing Search

For those of you who have WordPress accounts, you’ll know there’s a bit on the dashboard which shows Top Searches; the terms people have used that have led them to your page.

Day after day, the top searches that have brought people to my page include references to drowning kittens. They are led here by the Seamus Heaney poem I posted a while back, but it seems as though quite a few of them are looking for practical information about doing the deed.

I had thought those days were past. It seems I was wrong.

31 thoughts on “Disturbing Search

    • Actually today’s batch isn’t bad, it’s mostly about the poem: seamus heaney kittens and puppies, how long kitten drown, heaney farm pets poem, seamus heaney drowning cats, kitten poem which one going to drown
      But sometimes it’s people asking where they can see footage. Gruesome.

  1. Yurk!
    I have had a look at dashboard but can’t find this ‘top searches’ bit… will investigate further tomorrow.

    Night night

  2. This is dreadful Isobel. I watched the news about the Woman that put that cat in a wheelie bin. She’s been identified, but now getting police protection in case she’s attacked. I can’t believe it, I know I don’t like cats, but to do that sort of thing, is diabolical, the woman needs a good slap, then thrown into a wheelie bin herself. Wicked woman, I hope the RSPCA fine her and lock her up.

  3. It’s in the papers this morning Isobel, and been on the news constantly. The owners had CCTV on their house, after they had searched in vain for the cat, they heard meowing coming from the wheelie bin. They found cat inside, distressed and covered in it’s poo. They checked their CCTV to see how the cat had come to get in the wheelie bin, and saw what happened. The woman came past the cat, petted it for a moment, then got it by the scruff if its neck, open the wheelie bin lid, and threw it in, then walked away. He face was clearly visible, so her chances of getting away with it was nil.
    The owners then posted it on youtube and facebook to see if anyone recognised her, and they did. It’s the most dreadfully cruel thing to do to an animal, no wonder she’s getting police protection, I’m sure the cat owners would like to lock her in a wheelie bin for the same 15 hours or so.

    • I’ve just watched the footage on the bbc Val. It looks to me as though the woman saw the wheelie bin and made a fuss of the cat with a view to gaining her confidence and then putting her in the rubbish.
      This is not normal behaviour. This woman needs help. I am glad the cat was found in time.
      I hope it helps raise awareness about the casualty cruelty humans often mete out to animals.

  4. Could you make the post private so it doesn’t appear? If you can’t, could you delete tags or the post itself?

    • It’s not the post that disturbs me Sophie, it’s the fact that people are using these terms to search blogs.
      Nice to see you again. I wondered what on earth had happened when I got notification of so many comments! Hope you had a good time away.

  5. No-one seems to be searching out my blog!
    This is copied from: Search Engine Terms on dashboard under blog stats:

    Search Terms for 7 days ending 2010-08-25
    Summarize: 7 Days 30 Days Quarter Year All Time
    2010-08-18 to Today


    • It’s a tag thing. I bet when you post poetry with the poetry tag, people find you through the search facility.
      I got some advice about the disgo browser I was thinking of getting my aunt (the advice was not to) after I searched the product by tag on wordpress and found a techie only too happy to share his expertise.
      Dors your techie son have any advice about where to get a refurbished simple laptop for an elderly lady? And where to get them? I was recommended Big Pockets, but it has had a takeover and now I’m told to avoid it.
      I am thinking of getting her the Dell notebook I saw in Carphone Warehouse instead. Not a high spec but biggish keys for arthritic fingers.

  6. I would love to have been away in a pleasurable way but sadly I’ve just been extremely preoccupied 😦

    I didn’t think it was your post that disturbed but the constant exposure to what some sick people are searching for which I would find upsetting. Sadly, there will be far worse things that people search for on the internet.

    Pseu: I know that I’ve blocked my blog from search engines and can see that I’ve done that when I go into my dashboard. It says ‘sophiescott’s Blog Search Engines Blocked’ at the top of the page. Have you done so too perhaps?

  7. Yes, I blocked it on purpose. Didn’t want to be found 😀

    I’ve not got any pleasure trips planned at the moment but I do have 20 days holiday left! How I fit them in is still to be determined……

  8. No places you long to visit in the UK or abroad?
    A friend in the US put me on to a good website for accommodation vrbo.com. It might interest you.
    Every time I watch Coast, especially the first series, it makes me realise there are so many places I’ve never been to in this country.

    Did you think someone might be looking for you? Do you have a secret that you (don’t) want to share?

  9. I have a list of places I want to go as long as my arm! The only thing that stops me is funding and procrastination. I am thinking very seriously about Cuba before they open their doors to the US and will try to get away sometime in the Autumn.

    I don’t think anybody would necessarily be looking for me but I would be concerned about somebody who found Sophie Scott could find me if that makes sense.

    • I went to Cuba years ago. It was fascinating, and I still don’t know what to think about it.
      On my Sicily holiday, I met a woman who had gone on a walking holiday in Cuba with the Ramblers. She could not praise the holiday highly enough. I think it’s easier than when I was there, but it can be quite difficult to get around Cuba, and she reckoned by walking they saw much more than most people do. She went at Christmas.
      And yeh, i know what you mean about privacy. I’d never do Facebook. Anyone who knows me would recognise me easily from this blog. I just hope that I’ve not revealed too much for any cyber stalker to find me through it.

    • Hmm. Maybe an HF holiday then. I expect they do one with dancing.
      I went in July and August and the humidity was immense. Worse (?) than Houston. I drank so much water, sweated, peed and still felt dehydrated.
      Fabulous rum with tiny guava in the bottom of the bottle, $5. i only brought home one, and then could not understand why!

  10. Could you generalise about the kind of person that the Exodus holiday attracted? Average age and interests?

    I have slight reservations about responsible travel that I might end up with a group of eco warriors 😀

  11. Isobel, I have to thank you for pointing me towards Exodus. I am lining up a trip to Cuba in October with them. My travel mojo is back! However, its going to be a rather heavily female biased trip. So far, 2 men and 10 women 😀

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