How Long is Your Cat?

Pseu, Sophie and I have been measuring our cats and it seemed to beg a poem. This is my composition, made up in the bath last night. It feels like a first verse.  So there may be more. Feel free to contribute should you be so inclined.

How long is your cat?

When it comes to measuring your cat,

Remember, metric will  not do;

As a roaring lion reigns in the jungle,

So Puss is Imperial too.

6 thoughts on “How Long is Your Cat?

  1. Very sweet.

    How long is your cat?

    I bet mine’s bigger than yours.
    But despite his size,
    he’s gentle and wise
    and always remembers
    for family members
    to retract his magnificent claws.

    • Sorry, I’ve been doing family stuff and need to ‘learn my lines’ for a job on Wednesday. So mea culpa, I have been neglecting my versifying duties. You may have to wait awhile…

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