Brunch and Other Musings

I scratched breakfast this morning. I went to bed far too late last night, and as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Cat, who is still suffering from some sort of gastric upset, used the litter tray sometime in the early hours. It could have been worse; he managed to keep it confined to the tray apart from a few splashes. Obviously, clearing it up was my first task when I got up. Call me precious, but there’s something about dealing with liquid excrement that depresses my appetite. I had a cup of coffee, and decided to hang on for brunch.

I like brunch. I don’t often have it because I’m also very keen on breakfast. And lunch. And dinner come to that. But I like the way that you can break  the rules with brunch, and put things together in an unusual combinations.  And you have different things to the ones that appear on breakfast menus. I mean you can have cucumber and olives with brunch, and no one so much as raises an eyebrow.

I’ve been eating so many corn on the cobs recently, I thought I should check I hadn’t gone yellow before I cooked another one. I’ve been getting six for a pound from the stall across the street. As my skin was still pinky white,  it seemed safe. I had some tasty bread from M&S that was reduced to 50p, (how I love those yellow labels) and had olives and bits of chilli and tomatoes in it , and a scrambled egg (free range, bought from the farm, half a dozen for £1.50).

So anyway, there I was eating my largely yellow meal and flipping through a magazine that had come through the door. There was a piece about eating economically. I looked at the remains of my food and started a mental tot-up of the cost. Well under a pound, even including the good quality coffee and the drop of organic milk. It may even have been less than 50p.

I live in one of the poorer districts of London. We have a terrific market; there’s a great Turkish supermarket where the prices are extremely competitive;  it really isn’t difficult to get good, fresh ingredients  without spending a lot of money. So, why is it that we have a KFC, a Macdonalds, and a host of other fastfood outlets sellling junk food at inflated prices, and thriving? I just don’t get it. And I don’t get how people afford to buy so many meals there either.


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