Happy Cat

Cat, who now seems fully recovered from his diarrhoea, is never happier than when he is brushed. He will lead me to his brush; look at it pointedly. He will guide my hand with his paw to where he wants to be brushed, and sometimes, if I’m not doing the job properly, take the brush from me, and wrapping his two front paws around it, rub his face against it.

These two pictures and the short film may show what I mean.

13 thoughts on “Happy Cat

    • Yes. Brushes are his equivalent of handbags. He’s worn out several. The one in the picture is losing more and more bristles. He has a new Mikki slicker brush on the boat and a rather ineffectual one by Felix, and a Furminator at home too. The latter is on offer at vetuk (or should that be ukvet?)at the moment. If your cats shed a lot iand enjoy being brushed, t’s definitely worth the investment.

  1. I must confess, I do not brush the Kittens (insert blushing smiley). Bertha has extremely fine, short, silk like hair and doesn’t cast much. Mackenzie does cast but seems to have developed a bit of a problem with overgrooming and I don’t know if I would encourage him if I brushed him. He’s not completely averse to it but he doesn’t react like Cat!

    I have a link to the Furminator on my favourites. I must have been reading about it at some point.

    • When Cat first started his campaign which ended with him moving in with me, he had been neglecting himself, and was full of loose hair. I tentatively took an old comb to him, and from the word go, he made it clear that he strongly approved.
      I am on grooming duty several times a day.

    • Do you measure his shedding by food containers?

      Cat has a Furminator, but i can only use it a couple of times a week, and he likes to be brushed several times a day…

      Funny how some cats love to be brushed and some hate it.

  2. Jake rubs up and takes it for a while, then walks away, only to come back a moment later… but he won’t lie down and take it. 🙂

    An empty yoghurt container was what I had to hand….

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