6 thoughts on “Haiku – The Crow

    • Do you? So do i!
      It was the one thing I didn’t like in antb’s story on MyT which was otherwise brilliant.
      I thoroughly enjoyed Corvus by Esther Woolfson.
      Did you ever read My Family and Other animals?

      This haiku is about a crow I see nearly every morning from my bathroom window, preening herself. This morning I saw the old feathers drop onto the roof.

  1. Wind Ruffled

    Two wind ruffled rooks
    survey their flight paths
    from the roof ridge
    and side-ways step
    like black caped circus acts
    caught halfway between
    clowns and acrobats
    balancing against the breeze.

    They shout raucous ribaldry
    to their brothers at the rookery
    where overcrowding
    in battered housing
    takes it’s toll
    on civilised behaviour.

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