Accessory Confusion

With the days getting shorter I thought I should get out my lights for the bike. My front light was fine, but despite new batteries and no obvious signs of corrosion, the back light didn’t work at all.

I spotted some nifty cycle helmets in a sports shop window and went in. The music was high volume disco, and I wondered for a moment if there was an aerobics class going on at the back of the shop.

The assistant approached me from behind the counter as I looked around. he smiled, but didn’t say anything. I said I was looking for bicycle accessories. He led me to a display case and I looked at it expectantly, but could only see darts and spare flights. Puzzled, I turned to him and once more he waved a generous hand at the display case.

‘Bicycle accessories,’ I repeated, as loudly as seemed polite.

‘We don’t stock bicycle accessories,’ he said.

It was my turn to gesture. ‘You have helmets,’ I yelled.

‘Oh yes,’ he replied calmly. ‘We have those bicycle accessories, but not any others.’

I thought of attaching some colored feathers to the back of my bike, but I didn’t think it would really work as well as a rearlight.

10 thoughts on “Accessory Confusion

  1. Sounds awful. When I visit a house where the TV or radio is left on despite my arrival I say,

    “Do you mind turning it down, I find it difficult to hear you.”

    About time we started doing that in shops!

    • Yes, it is amazing how may people just have radios and tvs on as background noise.
      I often work in an environment which has a lot of noise and awful acoustics. I notice that I am increasingly happy with silence at home.

  2. What a weird sports shop that only sells helmets for cyclists and nothing else!

    Try Evans Cycles? They are all over London. My Giro Phase is very comfy and fits better than my two previous helmets because it has a little adjustment wheel at the back which you use to make it more snug. This is a very small wheel, btw, not visible to other people 😀

  3. Thanks for the advice, but it’s ok. I got what I needed from Bob’s Bikes. And a cuddle with Holly the black labrador in the tyre shop next door.
    Mind you, if I do end up cycling in the dark, I’ll probably be one of those cyclists positively festooned with lights.

  4. People steal lights Sophie!

    I have a hi-viz jacket, and my back pack has reflective strips and a fluorescent cover for when it rains.

    Thanks Pseu. I’ll take a look.
    Am watching new drama starring Maggie Smith. Lots of ad breaks!

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