Post Stroke Haiku

walking slowly with

a stick for confidence he

stops often and rests


he wears the same clothes

but now they hang loosely and

only his hat fits


I see him most days

I say hello and smile  and

he admires the cat


he used to be a

dapper chap who swung along

the street with quick strides


illness made him slow,

red-eyed and careful; a new

version of himself


5 thoughts on “Post Stroke Haiku

    • One of the things about living in the same place for a long time, is that as you notice those you remember being fit and well age and grow frail, you realise you must be growing older too.
      This man has aged so much so suddenly. I usually see him either on his way to the shops or heading home again.

    • Yes, his progress is painfully slow. I get the feeling he’s really pleased when I drift by with my hellos, or when he sees me waiting for Cat from the end of the street and is passed us before Cat makes it inside. Even the way he turns his head seems slow and deliberate.

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