Whole lot of purring going on

The alarm clock woke me, and although all I wanted to do was turn back over and catch up on sleep, after a couple of minutes I swung myself out of bed and into the kitchen for some black coffee; I had forgotten to defrost the milk last night.

Two slices of toast and a banana later, I was sufficiently human to drive to the cattery.

Cat didn’t seem that excited to see me. As soon as his door was opened he strolled out of his pen to begin his morning inspection. Apparently it always follows the same pattern; he walks to the end of the T shape and sits for ages watching what is going on. Sometimes he walks up to other pens and looks at the residents. Today he fixed two aristocratic Burmans with a glare and opened up communications with  a low growl. One of the Burmans retreated into his heated house. The other stood his ground and replied in kind, only slightly louder. The two cats faced each other through the wire.

I wrote the cheque and gathered up Cat’s toys and brush. Obviously asserting his dominance over a fellow feline was more important to him than greeting me.

An impasse occurred. Neither cat would back down, but they couldn’t get to each other either. Amy from the Cattery decided enough was enough. She picked Cat up and put him in the carry case.

I drove home with a mainly silent Cat. About two hundred yards from our street he started to miaow. I wondered if he recognised the journey and realised he was nearly back on his own patch. I scratched his cheek through the gap in the carrier and he rubbed his head against my fingers.

At last! some sign he was pleased to see me.

I needn’t have worried; after a quick inspection of his domain, he shadowed me. Where I went, so he followed. I thought he’d gone to sleep in the sitting room, but when I went to the kitchen, he was at my heels. Purring. Half closing his eyes. Watching my every move.

I must have groomed him about ten times today.

He did relax when I had lunch and had a look out of the window.

When I hung out the washing he came too, and stropped his claws on the tree.

Then he walked about a bit.

He wasn’t too impressed when I disappeared to do some shopping. And tonight I crept out to a bonfire party. But as I type he is sitting on the floor beside me purring very loudly. So I’m going to post this and then he can have my undivided attention.


I know I’ve got lots to catch up on. But it’ll just have to wait.



10 thoughts on “Whole lot of purring going on

    • Yes he is very pleased to be back, and very demanding. He’s outside at the moment, so I have some time to myself. I think he does calculations about how much attention I owe him whenever I go away.

  1. Cattery Blues: Jake went yowling about the place, with an odd voice on his return, but became his usual self after a few days. Needing a little more than his usual attention, too.

  2. I love it that he didn’t acknowledge you to begin with. Obviously felt right at home very quickly though and grateful to be with you again..

    Do you think cats sulk? My friend thinks hers does. He looks resentful when they return after being away in a “where the hell have you been” type way.

    • His behaviour this time was unusual. Generally, when I go to collect him he is all over me like a rash. Maybe it’s because this time he was in for two weeks; quite a long time, that he became a bit more institutionalised, and wanted to settle some scores before going home.
      I get the “what time do you call this?” miaow if I’m late home. Cat doesn’t sulk; but he does like to be the one in control. It’s a constant battle of wills. Only my superior size and control of foodstocks gives me any advantage.

  3. ‘Only my superior size and control of foodstocks gives me any advantage.’ – how true!

    I have thought before that all of my cats could recognise when they were nearing their destination so it is likely that Cat does too. I’m also fairly sure that they have the capacity to demonstrate to you how much they dislike being left alone or being taken somewhere other than home.

    I love the picture of Cat scratching – it appears like he is balancing on the ball 😀

    • Yes I think you are probably right. cats are such creatures of habit, and it seems that this was his daily routine while he was at the cattery. He wasn’t going to let a little thing like my arrival get in the way of his morning shot of aggression.

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