The Children’s Book

Some books pass the time on bus journeys or in the dentist’s waiting room.

Some books grow slowly, so that a few chapters in you find yourself wondering about the characters and what they might be up to as you go about your daily business.

Some books reach out from the printed page and pull you into a universe so completely imagined that your own seems pale and unreal in comparison.

A S Byatt’s the Children’s Book is in the third category.

I’m only on chapter three, but it’s as though turning all around me  is the many textured deeply coloured world of the novel .

4 thoughts on “The Children’s Book

    • I’m almost regretting starting it now as I have quite a lot of work to attend to, so can’t give the attention I’d like. I’m wondering about putting it aside and coming back to it at Christmas when I am curled up on das Boot. However, it’s a library book, so someone else may have it then…

      The last couple of novels I’ve read haven’t really done it for me, and I found Solar disappointing, so it is a real treat to start this.

  1. Byatt is the most amazing writer. She can weave any kind of tapestry with words. Just occasionally, it’s almost too thick and intricate but she feeds straight into my imagination. A friend turned me on to the Frederica books starting with the Virgin in the Garden. It’s her restraint that I admire most. She builds up emotional tension and just holds it delicately poised. She has an extraordinarily light touch.

    Thanks Isobel. You have reminded me to add it to my wish list too. 😉

    • My pleasure Jan. The chapters are nice lengths too, so you can do that ‘one chapter before I sleep’ deal.

      Possession was the first novel i managed to read after my father died. It was in the autumn and he died in April. Up to that point reality was strange enough without any fiction.
      But Possession was like a requited love affair. Fantastic.

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