And Tonight

I was at Somerset House ice rink, which may have been too good a thing given how cold it was already.

It’s very pretty and the perfect pre-Christmas activity. This was a private thing. I think it opens to the public tomorrow or Tuesday.

A drink with friends at the nearby Coalhole rounded it off nicely.



5 thoughts on “And Tonight

  1. Lucky you! My son and his girlfriend used to go there when they lived in London. It looks so pretty! Nothing like that in Hong Kong where they are now!

  2. Ah, so you’ve been doing your Torvil and Dean impression have you? Lucky you. Sounds lovely Isobel, where are the photos? 🙂

    Psst, by the way, it’s portrait shooting night at the camera club tonight, we are all bringing someone to shoot, I’ve twisted my grandsons arm, he’s reluctantly agreed to be the sitter for me and the others, along with the ‘models’….I hope he washes behind his ears 🙂

  3. You want photos as well?!?!
    Good luck tonight Val.
    Skating may not be quite the right word for me on the ice Sophie.
    Pseu, it’s pretty close to Drury Lane where I believe you are going next month. Maybe you could have a trip here too.
    Janh, it’d get pretty slushy pretty quickly in HK!

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