Cat Attack

I seem to cornering the wordpress market in sad and worried posts recently. Late this afternoon, I thought I was going to be posting another.

Cat had a fit this at four o’clock. One minute he was a purry animal on my knee, the next he was scared and staggering; panting badly, his sides heaving. His intestines made a ghastly noise and he passed some silent but smelly wind. I lifted him into the bathroom and he wobbled into the litter tray. Emptied his bowels. Panting all the while. He lay down on the bathroom floor, and seemed to relax a bit. 

I called the emergency vet. While we were talking, Cat sat up and walked over me, I was sitting on the floor watching him,  to get to the bedroom. The vet advised I keep him quiet, and so long as he has no more episodes, not put him through the stress of a car journey today. She said he could eat and drink.

Just as well. At half past four he polished off the last of his biscuits. He then lay on the bed. I decided I would start cooking. Cat joined me in the kitchen and looked pointedly at the space where his dinner is placed. I took the hint. He ate the usual amount, and then went back to his biscuits which I’d replenished.

I can’t say he’s his usual self. But he’s been groomed and has purred. Rubbed his head against me and narrowed his eyes, which were huge and round earlier. Yawned and had a wash. He’s now staring in the direction of his bed, and I’m hoping he’s going to climb into it and have a sleep. For once, he doesn’t want to sit on me.

I think we’re both rather shocked and shaken. So, a quiet night and an early one probably.

10 thoughts on “Cat Attack

  1. Worrying, especially coming out of the blue like that. I’d be feeling shaky too. Timely use of litter tray.

    My springer, Roly, used to take an hour before he was ‘normal’ again after a fit. Fingers crossed that this was a one-off, Isobel.

  2. it was a very early night. He kept coming to find me and I realised he was not going to settle until I went to bed. So I obliged. Halfway through the night he woke up and ate some more biscuits; miaowed at me; opened one of the drawers under the bed and had a fossick around inside it, leaving it open for me to trip over. Today he seems absolutely fine. Completely restored to his usual self. Maybe it was just colic. Hope so. I would not want it to be the first sign of something more sinister.

    • Thanks Sophie. I’m just back from the cattery’s Christmas Fair in aid of CPL and other good causes. They didn’t seem to think it was much to worry about, but I’ll get him checked at the vet asap.

  3. Jake has fits intermittently, and I have discovered they are not so uncommon in older cats.
    He is treated for his renal disease, (which means that he does not concentrate his urine adequately and there for has to drink significantly more water than most cats) and needs his potassium replaced and he has tablets for this twice a day and he has tablets to improve his cardiac output, once a day.

    The vet hasn’t found anything neurologically wrong.

    Jake is in between times quite fit and well. He caught a mouse this afternoon in the garden while I was clearing leaves, and apart from being much thinner than he sued to be, he is well in himself, just ageing.

    I hope Cat stays well and that the vet can offer some reassuring advice when you see her.

  4. Thanks Pseu. I know he has a heart murmur, but so far t hasn’t stopped him from doing anything. He has been shaking his right backleg a lot today as though it doesn’t feel quite right, so we shall see.
    What you say about Jake is just about what they said at the cattery today.
    If I hadn’t witnessed him having his turn, I probably wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong.

  5. If it is renal disease the loss of potassium can lead to fits, so supplements can help. What’s Cat like to administer tablets to?

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