The Meeting

Last weekend, Cat and I were on das Boot. I’ve already said it was cold ad dark, and how Mother enjoyed A Little, Aloud. Normally I would be home in London by the end of Sunday, but we’d arranged a meeting for Monday morning at the scheme to talk about aspects of Mother’s careplan. It was neither a good nor a bad meeting. I don’t know if it achieved much, but it’s probably a good thing it happened. Staff at the scheme had already told me while I was with Mother that they were not happy with the way it was being run, and a number of them are looking for new jobs.

Anyway. My plan had been to attend the meeting and then return to das Boot for Cat. We were really warm and cosy on Sunday night, and went to bed at the relatively late hour of ten o’clock. When I woke up, I could see the ice around the boat was thicker. Then it began to snow. I drank my coffee rather thoughtfully. The marina is four miles down a single track road which had been slippery the day before.

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I decided the best thing to do was take Cat and everything else I wanted from the boat with me. No one else was about. The road from the marina was very slow. I felt my back wheels go once, but fortunately they got a grip again.

It was too cold to leave Cat in the car, so he came to the meeting. Everyone else was smartly dressed with folders in their hands. I was wearing multiple layers, including waterproof trousers and carrying a pet caddy.

Fortunately, the majority were cat lovers. So, when I asked if it would be ok to open the pet caddy they quickly agreed. I thought Cat might choose to remain inside, as he does when I take him to the vet. But no, he hopped out and seem very relaxed. He stretched out comfortably on the floor, and went to sleep. Underfloor heating.

He was a very good tension diffuser when the meeting got stuck. His stretches and yawns seemed to chime nicely with our moments of disagreement. He wandered under the table and everyone reached down to stroke him. When I left the room briefly to use the loo, he watched the door, but apart from that seemed unfazed by the experience.

Which leads me to hope that, when he and I stay at the scheme in the guest room over Christmas, it’ll all go very well, and Mother will enjoy his company again.


6 thoughts on “The Meeting

  1. Hi Isobel, lovely images of the snowy scene at the marina, Jack Frost does look pretty despite being bitterly cold. Pleased to hear all went well at your meeting, and that cat was welcomed into the fold too.
    Great pictures here Isobel, I just love the wheelbarrows.

  2. ‘Everyone else was smartly dressed with folders in their hands. I was wearing multiple layers, including waterproof trousers and carrying a pet caddy’

    Isobel: you’re going to get a reputation as a bit of an eccentric 😀 Fabulous that you took him to the meeting and that he behaved so well.

    I do not envy the drive to the marina.

  3. Reminds me of the time we took Jake for a family portrait…( though he did not like it in the least and wouldn’t join in. )

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