Snow Cat

Cat bounced around so much in today’s snow that most of the pictures I took of him were a blurry mess. But I quite like this one of him as the intrepid explorer emerging from behind the car.


9 thoughts on “Snow Cat

  1. I love watching animals in the snow.

    I’m not so keen, I’m stuck again!

    You seem to have a few inches; same here, Isobel, but I haven’t left the house today. I dare say I could slide down the hill but I doubt I’d manage to get back home.
    It’s been very quiet, traffic-wise here and no sign of a gritter.

    I’m just a little worried that no one will make it here for Christmas!

    • There were two foxes racing around and playing an hour or so ago. V sweet.

      I hope you have a full store cupboard just in case.

      Amazingly, I hear that there is no snow where my mother is in the east.

    • Cat is using the indoor facilities for his morning pee, but being pretty good in the snow. It’s quiet snow; he doesn’t like it when it makes a crunchy noise under his paws. It ruins his hunting silent approach.

  2. It’s funny the way different cats behave in snow. Mine were not impressed and certainly weren’t bouncing around. He looks intent.

  3. Love it. He looks so serious. His name should be Blashford-Snell.

    The kittens are having a fab time here. A particular fascination with the frozen pond. Must be the fish moving about beneath their feet! 🙂

  4. Oh Pseu i’d have loved to have seen that.
    Cat has not yet gone out today. I wish I had got a good pic of the foxes last night. You can see their tracks everywhere today.
    I’ve missed the reference Jan, can you explain? Photos of kittens and pond please!
    Last night I had a long conversation with Cousin, whose new dog, M, is a cairn terrier. M loves the snow so much that she doesn’t want to come indoors even when her coat is so full of snow and ice she can hardly move. She and next door’s spaniel are racing around like mad things.

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