16 thoughts on “Resting

  1. Hi Araminta. He was remarkably patient, but kept wanting to sit right up by my face which made breathing rather difficult. However, since I’ve got better, he’s sleeping on the end of the bed, so maybe his intentions were good.

  2. When I have survived the next two Christmas and New Year parties; only two more to go, I will have a look.

    I will be really glad when life returns to normal. All this socialising is exhausting.

    • Hmm. try ‘flu; it’s a great antidote to socialising. I am going out to a New Year supper tomorrow, but confidently expect to be home in the new pjs by midnight. If I’m not up to alcohol by then, which seems likely, I’ll be drinking the M&S prune and apple juice I expect.
      Anyway, time for bed. Sweet dreams.

  3. Oh noooo, Isobel – you’ve worn out your nurse! Looks like he’s recovering after a hard night shift. 🙂
    Very sweet.

    Glad you’ve been using your “down” time to catch up with some valued reading. Like your style. The Children’s Book is next on my list although I’ve been given Ranulph Fiennes’ biog and I’m now torn as he is hero of mine…

  4. Morning Jan. I’ve just come out of patients appointment in a clinic that looked like the Marie Celeste and am now headed for the office part of the job. Always nice to have a good book in reserve. I still haven’t started the Anne Michaels one and I have another on the pile too.

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