Happy Day at the Vet’s With SuperCat

Two o’clock in the afternoon, and Cat and I were at the vet’s once again.

It was time for his annual boosters, and to see how the treatment has been going.

A nice chat with the vet first to tell her how he’s been while Cat stayed in his basket. She reckons the cortizone is responsible for his renewed jumping powers.

Cat made a reluctant appearance, for once not relishing being the centre of attention.

The vet listened carefully to his chest. She couldn’t hear any crackles, but then again, he seemed reluctant to take the really deep breaths she wanted.

However, she was pleased with his general health, laughed at his jumping prowess and so both of us were starting to feel pretty optimistic by the time he had his x-ray.

The nurse downloaded the image while Cat had his boosters.

By this time, his patience was wearing thin. He watched the vet prepare the syringes with lowered head and slanted eyes. Although she was still across the table from him and hadn’t attempted to give him his injections, he began a very noisy and angry tirade. The worming tablet required the full towel wrap and pill shooter technique.

Back in his basket, he quietened down.

We went to check out the x-rays. Good news. The feather effect in his lungs is reduced. We still don’t know what it is, but it seems like he is responding well to treatment. He’ll have another x-ray in a month or so, and I am hoping for continued good results.

Happy day!


16 thoughts on “Happy Day at the Vet’s With SuperCat

  1. That’s really great news. I hope he continues to confound the vet in such a promising way.

    Mackenzie has been to the vet too this evening. He has now been dozed with some valium and zylkene but he’s still biting (admittedly only an hour after medication :-D).

  2. Me too Sophie, and I hope Mackenzie’s self-harming will soon be at an end too.
    Like Pseu, I should still like to know what has caused the feathering in the lungs, but as he has improved the vet does not want to do a bronchoscopy as it would involve a GA , be expensive and might not yield any results.
    He is insured with sainsbury’s pet insurance and they are very good about paying up quickly. However, the premium, which is already high due to his years will increase due to this treatment, so if ever I have another pet, I think I’ll have a savings plan for it instead.

  3. Some friends had a cat who needed treatment costing £1000 when he was still months old. Their experience and Cat’s propensity for fighting persuaded me insurance would be a good idea.

    • Sorry about that Val. It’s in draft. I have been trying to insert two separate galleries in one blog. There may be a way of doing so, but i haven’t found it yet.
      I’ll put the pot together and try to post before I go out again.

  4. Glad to hear Cat is thriving. And it sounds like you are too. I’ve been struggling with cultural differences and life in general. My cat Baby died last week, very suddenly. He was old and had never been very well, but it was a shock. Hope your Cat lives forever!

    • Hi Jaime
      I’m very sorry to hear about Baby. I know people say it’s just a pet, but I shall miss Cat immeasurably when he dies, so I hope that’s not for a long time yet. i am just struggling to get him to swallow his pills.
      What are the cultural differences you have been struggling with?

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