The Pills Less Taken

Early evening in the East on a beautiful spring day, where, appropriately enough, I have been doing a spot of cleaning; the sideboard is now polished and shining, so is the coffee table, the dining table and chairs. I’ve moved large pieces of furniture and shaken out seat cushions in the sitting room and found pills.
Lots of pills.
For this is Mother’s sitting room not my own. I dread to think what I’d find if I did the same trick there, but I know it wouldn’t be pills. Cat toys maybe; old forgotten screwed up bits of silver paper; catnip toys that have have lost their allure.
It was quite therapeutic and kept me usefully occupied until the doctor arrived. Since last I posted (and I’m planning a trip to the end of the garden soon to post this and see what urgent messages I’ve missed) it’s been quite an adventure.
Mother continued the sleeping cure on Saturday, and also continued to flinch away when anyone tried to help her get to her feet. we are more and more convinced that some inexperienced physios have tried to rush her and made her scared. Consequently, she is now digging her heels in and will only stand when she wants to.
Yesterday, she was far from herself. She was mumbling and incoherent. Then she kept saying ‘Abide with me, abide with me’. I was convinced she was about to die. The carers on duty were shocked by her decline.
I stayed with her when she was going to sleep and she was pretty restless. Cat decided he’d join us in the bedroom and stretched out comfortably alongside her. I watched her and saw how uncomfortable she was, coughing and wheezing.
First thing this morning I called the doctor. He came just after twelve. Mother is now back on antibiotics. she has a temperature of 38 C.
We still do not know how this will go, but at least she’s in her own bed at home.

5 thoughts on “The Pills Less Taken

  1. The next twenty four hours will give some indication – of whether the antibiotics are doing their job and if she’ll respond. Did the doc think it was a chest infection or urinary… or unspecified?
    I hope she feels better soon. How long will you stay? Or can you stay?

    • It’s a chest infection. If and when she recovers, I’ve discussed with him medication to keep UTIs at bay. He’s coming back on Wednesday.
      I’ll stay as long as it takes. I had a quick glance at my work emails and there were hundreds. Fortunately, I lost the connection so I have a fairly clear conscience.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother and I don’t wish for her death, but in some ways this could be a good way and time for her to go. It’s hard.

  2. Hi there busy one – hope to meet up with you at the end garden. Sounds like a lot of ups and downs over these past days. Spring cleaning, too! Glad you and Cat are with your mom. Hugs to you.

  3. Horrible seeing your mum uncomfortable and ill. At least you and Cat are there. Hope the antibiotics start working very soon. Take care.

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