Not a Happy Post

Cat’s death would have hit me hard whenever it happened, but coming so soon after the worry about Mother has been especially hard.

Now Mother has had a fall and has broken her arm. The fall is due to another UTI, which she evidently got before the low level dosage of antibiotics kicked in.

I am hoping she will be discharged tomorrow.

To be honest, I don’t feel fit to drive. I am so very tired, my neck feels as though it has stair rods in it, and there is no Cat to lower my stress. The guest room and Das Boot will both remind me of him, and I’m not sure I can cope with that and help Mother.

Sorry, Levent, not a happy post at all.

20 thoughts on “Not a Happy Post

  1. Oh Isobel, you need sleep, lots of it. You must be emotionally wiped out. Have a large one and go to bed.

    Your mother’s being looked after and I hope she’s got good pain relief. That’s the trouble with UTI’s, they tend to re-appear and need to be dealt with promptly.

    Sleep is a balm. Hope you feel better in the morning. Take care xx

  2. Oh Isobel, it isn’t letting up for you. Cat’s death is so raw, and although at some point you will have to go back, I can understand why you might want to delay that.

    Maybe you need to listen to your body.

  3. Oh, Isobel.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. It is most unfortunate timing.

    I do wish her well, and I understand why you feel very much under pressure at the moment. Don’t drive unless you feel a little more in control.

    I’m so very sorry that this has all hit you at once; but you will sort it out. Hard that you don’t have a comforting Cat to help. Wasn’t he just the best?

    Thinking of you,

  4. Thanks everyone. I did sleep better – not a large malt Jan, but some rescue remedy and then passiflora. Still feel wiped out this morning, but not as panicky or shaky as yesterday.
    As you so rightly say Araminta, no comforting Cat, who really was the best support at times like these just by being there. And the best at any time of course! I hope you are finding support and comfort too.
    V kind friend has offered to drive me to see Mother at the weekend. I’ll call the hospital later, and I’m seeing my own doctor to get signed off for stress. Work is a challenge too far. My body is telling me that very clearly Sophie.

  5. Friends you can rely on to help when you really need it are worth their weight in gold. You’ve been there for a lot of people, now its your turn.

    Take care of yourself Isobel xxx

  6. Yes indeed Sophie. I’m really grateful for the offer and I know this friend will be a good companion and support in the circs.
    Meanwhile I have been signed off work for stress related problems which gives me a bit of a breather.
    I have to call the hospital again after four.
    More Cat related post. This time from the cattery.
    I shall try for a happy post soon. Just noticed some of Cat’s fur on the keyboard. He’ll be with me for a while yet.

  7. I can just say how sorry J. and I feel for all those hard events you are going through these days. How loving this friend offering to drive you to Mother, isn’t it? Take care, Isobel. We are sending you big warm hugs.

  8. Hi Isobel. So glad you are off work for a bit and have got a lift and good company to go to visit your mother. You need to take time to recoup. Take care.

  9. Thanks Maria. Sorry you and Jaume never met Freddy. We were too busy enjoying London weren’t we?
    J is a v good friend and has two cats who are fearsome hunters, so if the lift idea works out, I shall probably hear all about their latest exploits and the Remains in the Garage.
    Not having to deal with the grisliness myself, I find this quite amusing.

    Jan, being off has already made a world of difference. I can concentrate on Mother and on getting my equilibrium back. It has lifted a huge strain from my mind. Yesterday, I couldn’t even board a bus (didn’t dare ride my bike) so I knew I was in trouble if I didn’t make time for myself. Just had a lovely message from the vet about Cat. Earlier a card came from the cattery. All these messages are balm.

  10. I used to talk when I see a friend sad, sometimes to point out the values we still have, how lucky we are…or something completely unrelated to shift the focus.
    Now at times like these, words seem futile to me. Perhaps sadness have to be lived, perhaps we need them too, I don’t know. I just sit and look.
    Here I’m offering you my virtual hug and best wishes with waves, Isobel.

    This too shall pass.

    • No, no, Levent; please talk on!

      I can call the hospital after four. Mother is having a CT scan to check there’s nothing amiss other than the alarming lump on her head. She also is having a chest x-ray as she also has broken some ribs.
      I have asked that she be transferred to a small hospital with rehab asap, so she can recover and her bones mend (not quick with osteoporosis) in a quieter environment that will prepare her for her eventual return home. I am assuming that it will all take some time as she needs both arms to lever herself out of a chair, and to push her walking frame.

  11. I spoke to a nurse earlier.
    We had the by now familiar I-can’t-tell-you-anything-on-the -‘phone-yes-you-can conversation, then I was reassured that the CT scan showed nothing amiss. No news about a chest x-ray, but talk of discharge from hospital. I asked about the rehab facility, but there was no indication in the notes. The social worker will assess her to see if she can go home, I was told. I could her the time; until Mother can mobilise on her own again, she can’t go home.
    I’ve asked the consultant to call me on Monday, but I should see Mother tomorrow.

    • Thanks Jan. I’m just quickly sorting out some things to take with me, some poems, manicure stuff, fruit juice, a nice GF cake.
      My aunt hopes to visit tomorrow with one of Mother’s friends..

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