A Toast to Cat

I’m off to see a good friend and have lunch, also a bit of feline therapy.

Tonight it will be one week since Cat died.

Earlier, in the bath, I was thinking about him, and I decided that tonight I shall light candles in the windows, and drink a toast to him to mark his passing.

So maybe one or two of you would like to do the same, and raise your glass of water or wine or whatever, your cup of tea or coffee, – I think I’ll probably have a glass of whiskey – and for a moment or two remember Cat and the animals we have loved, who have enriched our lives and whose memories remain precious.

To Cat.


28 thoughts on “A Toast to Cat

  1. Lovely idea Isobel. I will toast your handsome Cat and my Scamp and Gemma and Rolls, my lovely springer spaniels. A snifter of The Macallan seems appropriate.


    • Once I started thinking about it Jan, the roll call of pets, mine, and others I have loved belonging to friends and family, stretched on and on. I may have to buy a new bottle. So I’ll start with Freddy Cat, and Tessa Superdog my beloved black labrador and failed gundog, Clover the guinea pig, and Beccie Brown Dog, aka Boots, the wire haired dachshund. Then, I’ll spend time thinking of the others, and probably end up with Cat again.
      I’ve just spoken to Aunt, and as well as cat she is going to remember her black and white cat Popsy and her little mongrel, Mandy. Both were pets she had when she ran a children’s home in Kent in the 1960s, and she became tearful just talking about them now

  2. I’m all for raising a glass in the memory of a very special Cat, dogs who have meant a great deal to me and will not be forgotten. Small creatures who were much loved.

    I’m pleased I saw this in time Isobel.

    We will remember them with great fondness.

  3. I have lit candles in every window, my glass is full.

    I loved Cat more than I would ever have thought possible, and tonight, I am proud and happy that we and others not on this blog are raising glasses and remembering him and the other animals we have loved. Don’t worry if you log in later, there’s no time limit to love.
    Can we do this every 27th March?

    To the one and only, the incomparable Cat!

  4. I have my glass here, Isobel. In memory of Cat and those others we have loved. Cheers.

    Write about your dogs some time too.. and continue, of course, the Story of Cat. No rush 🙂

  5. I’m blowing all my candles out at 11, which is about the time Freddy Cat died a week ago.
    But tomorrow is a new day when I shall remember Freddy and my other pets.
    I’m not sure how many people joined in tonight, but from those here, others who contacted me by email, text or in the flesh, there were about thirty of us remembering our special animals tonight.
    So sweet dreams everyone, and thank-you.

  6. I’m a little late, Isobel, but here’s to Cat and all those loved animals who have graced our lives and made them special.

  7. Think we paid tribute at right time = morning in Australia. He was a great cat who is much loved. Billie had a plate of milk and I had a coffee.

    • Oh Vicki I am so glad you joined in too.
      Your roll call of loved pets must have been quite something as well.
      It really helped me on Sunday night, and I do feel despite more tears that I am on the road to acceptance. With Mother back in hospital again, I am missing Freddy’s grounding presence enormously and think a new cat in my life may be a reality sooner than I would have thought.

      • Perhaps when I’m up in London mid April we can go cat viewing! I love to go cat viewing even when I’m not bringing any of them home.

        • That might be good Jaime.
          The ones I’ve seen that have caught my attention are Biscuit on the Celia Hammond Canning Town page, and Percy on the Celia Hammond Lewisham page.
          I also like the look of the feisty tortie on the Chestnut Cat Sanctuary page, cat number 7033 and the cats above and below her.
          However, if I think of bringing one home now, I get a panicky feeling. Not sure what that means. Maybe I should go and look and see how I feel face to face.
          I was offered a stray ginger on Sunday, believed to be about two years old. V pretty, but I wasn’t tempted.

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