Happy Boating Not Cat

He looks pretty relaxed, doesn’t he?

8 thoughts on “Happy Boating Not Cat

  1. But not as relaxed as now. I’ve just watched the end of Slumdog Millionaire with on e back paw in my neck, another resting on my shoulder, and there’s a sleeping cat with a front paw hanging slackly off the back cushion of the seating area.
    Now I need to wake him so I can go to bed.
    Ah, bless.

  2. The bonding is coming on very well. 🙂 He’s been a little darling this weekend, and seems to have accepted the boat as his territory very quickly. He was furious when one of the feral cats climbed onto the gunwhale.
    But I do think he may be developing pet caddy phobia.
    I’m going to try to stay in London now for several weeks and let him learn that this is his main home.

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