Munchkin Afloat

Not Cat has been so forgiving and placidly accepting of everything he’s been through since being adopted by me that I was starting to think apart from keeping him cool in the car, journeys were not going be a problem.

We left London rather later than I’d been thinking, as on Thursday night I suddenly realised how tired I was feeling and decided against the alarm clock option.

We slept in until eight.

Do note the ‘we’. Not Cat has decided to spend at least part of the night on the bed, whoops, my bed I mean. Not up close and personal like Cat, who when he first slept over tried to tuck all five kilos of himself under my chin.

It didn’t work.

After a couple of hours of bonding and chilling, where I rather regretted my commitment to come East, Not Cat went back to bed. Behind the bed. I decided to let him be and having packed the car, I switched on the television. We had heard the helicopters all morning.

By luck, I switched on just as the car with Kate Middleton and her father arrived at the abbey, which is one of my favourite buildings and where I am friendly with many of the staff. So while the nation was cooing over Kate’s dress, I was delighted to see Alex, the Chief Marshall and ex RAF, emerge beaming from behind a tomb just inside the west doors. I was as thrilled as a proud mother to see Matthew, the Dean’s virger, lead the bridal procession the length of the nave. The shot of Ben, another virger, and a complete darling, smiling broadly, continued the trend, and I even got excited at recognising Canon Jane’s profile, even though I hardly know her.

My attention waned quickly after the vows were exchanged, though I did reflect how lucky the couple were to be married by an archbishop with such a splendid voice. Not wishing to show off, but I’ve met Rowan Williams as well, and his intelligence is as evident as his modesty and goodness. I think he should shave off his beard though.

Not Cat came to see me. We had a cuddle and then I popped him into his caddy. As a treat, I strapped him into the front passenger seat, where Cat used to travel. He cried so much I stopped three times and got him out for more cuddles. Then I moved him to the back seat and he stopped crying at once. Until a couple of hundred yards from the marina when he cried again. But that was because he wanted a poo. As the terrible smell that filled the car made only too clear. Shame that I’d put a new catnip toy in the caddy with him.

I worried about how he’d feel on the boat, but no problem. He settled as though he’d been boating for years.
Lots of pix, but I don’t think I’ve got the patience to try to upload any tonight.

Maybe Monday.

6 thoughts on “Munchkin Afloat

  1. Fantastic!.
    Not Cat is an efficient survivor! He soon accepts and adapts willingly to any circumstance. He makes me think of my mother who is a model to us all of survivng skills!

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