Urban Safari

After his successful ventures into the garden at Mother’s flat, I deemed it only right that Not Cat should find out more about our garden at home. Accordingly, when we got back on Friday, I encouraged him out of his travel caddy to have a look around. He wasn’t sure at first, but when I popped him back in the caddy, he had second thoughts, deciding he did want to investigate these surroundings. So he had about fifteen minutes. He was a bit overawed, and took refuge under a car, miaowing at me when I approached, and pretty grateful to be lifted up.
I tried him outside again yesterday and he had a ball. One of my neighbours joined us and he walked up to her with absolute confidence, tail held high.
His nose was working overtime.
I was really pleased to see him dig a hole, but it came to nothing. At Mother’s he was coming inside to use the litter tray.
I think he may have had a poo in the denser part of the undergrowth back here in London. Either that or he’s a bit constipated.
He was out again earlier, but this little film is from yesterday.

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