8 thoughts on “Flip Video – Not Cat Outside

  1. Welcome Not Cat fans. I’m glad you like the videos of him, because having borrowed a Flip camera I’ve decided to get my own.

    His ginger is about the same shade as Cat’s, but his markings are very different. Cat was stripey with alternate bands of bright and lighter, whereas Not Cat is all about shadows and light. And where Cat had the striking contrast with his white bib paws and left front leg, Not Cat has a gentler fade to beige under his chin and on his paws.
    The different degrees of pink amaze me. Cat had soft pink paws, but Not Cat’s are bright pink.
    Both beautiful handsome boys.
    I’m very lucky.

    I am hoping Not Cat will be more outgoing in time, but it may take a while.

  2. I think Not Cat’s pattern is technically ‘marbled’ and I’m wondering if he is showing some Bengal glitter – or if its just the camera? Does he have spots on his tummy fur?

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