8 thoughts on “On Reflection…

  1. What camera are you using? If it’s a camera phone then I have nothing to say. If not then what lens are you using? Do you have exposure data for these pictures?

    • Hi Badger I was only thinking about you earlier and wondering where you had got to. I have heard of two cats being looked after by the Hamilton Cat Fund. The people there want to rehome them together if possible. This could be your moment! I took these two pix with my little Olympus u 820. It has a fixed lens, AF SX optical zoom 6.4-32mm 1:3.3-5. Shutter 1/500, aperture f/5.0 focal length 32mm ISO speed 125. Why?

  2. Hi Isobel. Just your words ‘more blurring’ made me think you might be having problems.

    With 1/500 @ f/5 and ISO 125 the pics should be pin-sharp.

    But then, I’ve probably come in half-way through a discussion and I’m jumping to conclusions.

  3. Aaah.

    I missed all that! I’d better go back and look. I think I told you before I’ve a pathological fear of commitment! Anyway, there are half a dozen moggies in my Green anyway, and they all ignore me.

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