It’s been a bit of a time the past few days. I may or may not write about it.
But I was listening to the radio and learned that spectators at Wimbledon, responding, I imagine, to Andy Murray’s crowd-winning ways, often call out “Come on Tim!” during his matches.
It made me smile.

11 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Hi Isobel, I’ve looked in at the tennis, every so often, but I haven’t heard them call that out, having said that, I’m not a fan of Andy Murray, so haven’t really watched him.
    I hope all is okay with you.

  2. Thinking of you and there you are! Thought you and Not Cat might have taken a detour through Glastonbury. Hugs to you and the boy.

  3. I can imagine that it would raise a smile. However, I feel a bit sorry for Andy Murray over the way he is portrayed in the media. The amount of focus that is required for a sportsman at that level, coupled with having to play up to the crowds or be lampooned. I don’t think many people would manage that in their working lives. I also recognise that he ‘suffers’ from a rather Scottish sense of humour, which isn’t always understood south of the border.

    I hope things have settled down for you now xxx

  4. I’ve been with Mother over the weekend and I am rather concerned about her.
    Also have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get some Dignity crockery for her. It’s outrageously expensive, and as the Alzheimer’s online shop is closed due to technical difficulties, my attempts have so far been fruitless.
    If anyone knows who else does the complete range and sells to individuals please let me know!

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