Hollyhock Heights

Now I’ve driven east and back, I am convinced the hollyhocks in this part of town are taller than anywhere else. I had a visitor this afternoon who was open-mouthed in awe looking at them.
Here are a few pix, so you can see how fab they are yourselves.

And the last one, which just happens to have Not Cat in it as well, shows just how large the leaves are.

4 thoughts on “Hollyhock Heights

  1. Oh wow, these are stunning Isobel, boy are they tall. Reminds me of my Aunts country garden when I was a child, lovely. Good images too, you done good, again.

  2. I’ve got lots more! I was photographing one plant every day. Then I went away for two days and when I got back the buds were huge flowers…
    i’m glad you like them.
    i’m about to take young Not Cat out for his evening explore of the garden, so maybe more pix then.
    It’s funny, isn’t it, that a flower that is the epitome of an English country garden should be doing so well in the inner city.

  3. Are they this good in Oxfordshire Pseu?
    Normally, they grow and fall over. I have never seen them as gorgeous as this year. And as you say Sue, lovely against the old pale walls.
    Did you ever see his garden in summertime?

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