Hopes and Fears

The ambulance has been called.
Mother will shortly be on her way to hospital.
I know I haven’t really failed her, but that’s how it feels.
I hope is that it is the other hospital, which is slightly more accessible from London, and I hope the care and understanding of those with dementia there is better.
I hope she comes home again, to her flat, and is not rerouted to a nursing home where she will not know the staff, the other residents or the layout.
I hope one night she dies peacefully in her sleep, at home after a day where she has been happy and content.
I hope.

9 thoughts on “Hopes and Fears

  1. Oh, Isabel. I hope your wish for your mother comes true. I do understand. It’s such a distressing situation for you both.

    Do your best for her, that is all one can say. I’m thinking of you both.


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