I missed a call from the hospital social worker and she had gone home when I was able to call back, so I have not been able to ask any of the myriad questions going round my mind.

I’ve just come off the ‘phone from Aunt who is very upset and wound up. As she suffers from high blood pressure this is also worrying. I tried to just let her vent some of her stress and felt my head starting to pound.

Note to self: replenish stocks of camomile tea and lavender oil.

So, no real progress, but no guns to our heads from the hospital either. My research into care/nursing homes doesn’t look that promising. The ones we have visited are the closest, and a shocking number don’t have en suite. The one that really confuses me says there are 60+ residents in 35 single rooms. Are they in bunk beds? Maybe there’s a rota system.
“Up you get Mrs Jones, it’s Mrs Smith’s turn to have the room now.”

Paying for extra care for Mother to stay at home would be more expensive, but have the advantage of her remaining in a familiar environment. However, her bank account would be empty in less than two months, and there seems no chance of social services paying and allowing that debt to accrue.

Second note to self: get lottery ticket for tonight’s Euromillions.

I am reluctantly becoming resigned to the care/nursing home move, though I still need to understand how 24 hour care there is different from the 24 hour care where she lives.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday

    • I have contacted the place in Bournemouth, but not had a reply yet. i’ll let you know.

      I am very very tired, but hoping that will pass.
      There is a date arranged for a meeting next week at the hospital. If the scheme say Mother can’t go back there, as they might, I just hope we are allowed the time we need to gather information and find the best place.

  1. Does the 60+ residents include couples sharing a ‘single’ room?

    Difficult and frustrating times for you. I hope some clarity arrives soon, and that you’ve won the lottery xxx

    • Goodness only knows.
      I have heard from friends about up to four residents sharing rooms in care homes with only a curtain between them for privacy.
      Such things make my blood run cold.

      I do appreciate the support I receive here. Ot helps to vent and read people’s replies.

      I am just steeling myself for another round of ‘phone calls.

      Must check my lottery ticket!

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