In the Garden With Not Cat

Just a bit of lighthearted and unedited Not Cat.
I clicked an option on Google to create a slideshow/film and because I was more interested in what the site would do than in editing, this is the result.
It’s quite good fun, but it cuts everything to sixty seconds unless you pay.
Which I’m not, at least at the moment, prepared to do.
I have only just started to realise how many sites there are to create slideshows.
Investigating could be fun.
Anyway, you should be able to see how glossy and happy Not Cat is these days.
I can’t quite face posting about Mother at the moment.
It’s all too bleak.

5 thoughts on “In the Garden With Not Cat

  1. Thanks Pseu.
    He is a very pretty boy.
    I might try the site again and this time cut out the more wobbly bits of film. But right now I need to get to bed!
    It’s way past my bedtime. I am spending hours on the ‘phone every day.
    I know you’ve worried about Milly’s decision, but really I think she’s very wise.

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