Pressure of Time

Made it across with water with a borrowed i-pad reaching Belfast in the sun.

It’s been a gorgeous day. Earlier I was looking out of the kitchen window at stripes of White cloud across a still blue sky. Being that little bit further north, the days are a bit longer, giving the illusion of more time.

Ah, time. That’s what it all boils down to. I found a message on my mobile from the hospital, and called back. It was to find out how we are doing with our looking at nursing homes. I mentioned one I’d found online and asked if she knew it.

Have you visited it? I was asked.

I explained that I have cleared my diary so that I can spend several days East shortly.
In reply, and I should stress that this is a perfectly pleasant woman who was speaking to me, it was suggested the ward might want some decisions sooner than I was able to manage.

I was exasperated. Does the hospital not recognise that relatives have to juggle commitments and needs. I don’t think that it would benefit anyone if I have a breakdown. I sent emails requesting more detail about Mother’s exact care needs on Friday, and I’ve yet to receive a reply.

6 thoughts on “Pressure of Time

  1. Do your thing Isobel – as if you needed me to tell you that.

    You are most definitely not the kind of person to be bullied.

  2. I think I probably do Badger.
    It made me feel I was wrong to leave, and yet, quite apart from the stress, there are still things we need to know and find out, as well as think through.
    About the worst disservice we could Mother is make a hasty decision.

  3. Yes, you would be doing her a disservice to make a hasty decision. Did she say what the time scale is from the hospital’s point of view?
    Is there any sort of discharge liaison person involved in your mother’s case?

  4. It sounds like a one way street for expectations.

    Try not to let it prey on your mind whilst you are away. Easy to say, I know, but you do need to take this time to recharge your batteries xxx

    • Part of the desire to come here was because I’m with my relatives and so we are talking it all through, and I’m getting a degree of clarity at a distance.
      I slept longer and better last night than I have in weeks. I did wake at a quarter to seven. but made myself stay in bed, and went back into a deep restful sleep.
      I am still researching and emailing, but I feel I can concentrate on one thing at a time, instead of trying to do all this, visit prospective homes and spend time with Mother in hospital.
      Aunt and I are going to be in daily communication.

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