Attention to Detail

In reflective mood this morning, and finding looking at pictures therapeutic.


These are more pictures from last night’s week which took me over the old bridge, round the airfield roads, back across the main road, round the spur and down the lane.

White Fluff

It was an almost figure of eight walk, punctuated by dogs, and boys on bicycles.

The Old Bridge

My walk energised me, though I had been tired when I set out.

Maybe it energised me a bit too much as I was up until after two this morning!


11 thoughts on “Attention to Detail

  1. I think the white fluff might be meadowsweet. It’s creamy white and grows on verges and from ditches where its a bit damp. Smells quite nice.

    Glad you’re getting some top quality r&r, Isobel 🙂

    ps that’s not a cowslip, it’s a vetch of some sort. sorry 😀

  2. Giant Irish Speedwell, Isobel? 🙂 Only kidding. I’ve often thought that if only wild flowers were bigger they are so lovely they would knock spots off the cultivated types. Horse chestnuts have whole beautiful candelabras of flower!

    • I’m not sure about that!
      Today I took some pictures of some tiny flowers that are absolutely beautiful.
      May post them sometime.
      BTW am thinking of hpaving another look at Twitter and seeing if it makes sense to me this time…

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