Northern Ireland Lights

In the city there is always so much light pollution.

Not to mention buildings.

Generally speaking, I’m not a great fan of sunset pix, but I took these on Tuesday, my last night in Co Derry, when Cousin joined me for a walk down the lane past the fields, looking towards the Sperrins.

I didn’t expect them to come out very well, but actually, I’m quite pleased.


11 thoughts on “Northern Ireland Lights

  1. Yes, you are right. Landscapes rarely capture what you are seeing, well, not mine anyway.

    Macro photography is somehow exactly the reverse. The image captured was better than my eye really perceived it, if you see what I mean.

    • Thanks Araminta.
      Yes it was very good to be away. It helped me gather my strength and I sent a lot of emails and made quite a few ‘phone calls, but being at a distance meant I was able to concentrate on that side of things, rather than feeling that I ought to be somewhere else all the time.
      I’m working now, but should go East on Tuesday.
      There’s a new problem.
      Mother’s skin has broken down under her cast and her Achilles tendon is exposed.
      However, on the bright side, the hospital had the wit to check it out when a nurse saw blood and Mother said it was sore, and then to contact me straight away. Also, she has regained half a kilo.

      • Good news about the weight gain, but not so good about the Achilles tendon, but good that it was picked up quickly, AND you were contacted.

        Maybe they are getting the message!

        I do hope so.

        • On the whole, we’re very pleased with the nursing she’s receiving on this ward, and I do think they have listened to all the things we’ve said about disastrous previous admissions.

  2. Beautiful Isobel, captured perfectly. With sunrises and sunsets, you have to sit there, once your camera settings are right, take a photograph, count to 4, take another, count to 4 again, take another, and so on, until the sun is up, or indeed, down.

    • What we find interesting in a photograph is a subject in itself.
      I like these photos, but I don’t think I would ever print them, yet the one I posted in Summer Softness drew no comments but I like it, and may make cards from it.
      Actually the subject of why some posts attract more cmments than other is also a subject. It mystifies me, as it rarely seems to relate to the quality of the post.
      Mind you, having said that, I am always grateful and surprised at the amount of support I get when I post about Mother.

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