Silver Linings in Care Home Quest

A day of silver linings as we search for Mother’s new home.

Firstly, we were at the hospital when a nurse from the tissue viabilty team came around, so we know Mother’s latest pressure sore is granulating nicely.

Secondly, we went to see a care home with nursing that we liked, though the location makes my heart sink.

Thirdly, I cooked us omelettes for lunch with our fresh eggs and vegetables, then peaches and melon for pud. Yum!

Fourthly, Not Cat is increasingly comfortable with and welcoming to Aunt.

Fifthly, we went to Ely to look at at another home and the skyline was magnificent, and the colours magical. We rejected the home as not suitable for Mother, but the staff were a delight.

Sixthly, our good family friend has promised to take aunt to visit Mother while I am working next week, and on a course the week after.


Seventhly, I’ve just made a mean ratatouille for tomorrow.

Eighthly, I got online in Mother’s flat!

Ninthly, we learned that the cleaner who can’t clean is to take charge of the kitchen at the scheme. If Mother were returning here I’d be doing my pieces. But that’s one problem I shan’t have to deal with.

How Cool Am I!

Tenthly, I took some pictures of Not Cat and flowers in the garden at the scheme which made us smile. Fingers crossed I can post…

The Birthday Card Pose

5 thoughts on “Silver Linings in Care Home Quest

  1. Hooray for a productive and delicious day!
    Did you intentionally position the yellow blossoms over Not Cat’s eyes?
    He looks to be sporting flower-power glasses or has spotted something shocking.

    • No, it was by chance Sue, but it gives him a rather groovy hippy look don’t you think?
      He’s skulking under plants and shrubs, using them as cover for evil intentions…

  2. Online for a second time!

    We have our shortlist of two. i need to fill in the forms and get mother on the waiting list.

    Quite what happens next or when I do not know.

    i’m clearing stuff from mother’s flat; packing up books to go to charity, collecting newspaper for the cups and glasses she won’t need.

    We have some issues with some of the hospital staff who still haven’t grasped how to address Mother’s needs. I think they just want her out.

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