Operatic Aspirations

Asleep Midwash

Not Cat was in great voice for most of the journey. I’m not sure which opera he was interpreting, but it covered most emotions including despair and rage.

I stopped at a wll known supermarket, part of a chain that I usually avoid, but I wanted a pee and to buy food and alcohol for the next few days.

I took Not Cat out of hs caddy, and put on his harness which attaches to a safety belt plug. I secured him to one of the seatbelt plugs on the back seat.

When I got back about ten minutes later, he was on the front seat and out of his harness. So he had to go back in the box for the rest of the journey.

At least he was quieter.

I forgot the loc8ator, he is outside, as am I. He is At Large and comes to check up on me from time to time. I am trying to estab;ish an internet connection that doesn’t crash after thirty seconds and check my emails.

I think he’s having the more successful evening.

Sleep tight.

Update Tuesday.
Not cat was so tired when he came inside after all his hunting and running about that he fell asleep midwash. I took a picture, but i’ve not had the chance to download it yet.

12 thoughts on “Operatic Aspirations

  1. That picture of Not Cat asleep mid-wash must be gold. Can’t wait to see the adorable photo. Sometimes I wish life were constantly videotaped for the weird moments like our cats interpreting operas on car rides to and from the store. That would’ve been a splendid YouTube 😛

    • I’ll try to upload the pic, but don’t get your hopes up. It just looks like he has closed his eyes.
      I think it could have been something from Wagner. Probably not Gilbert and Sullivan. 🙂
      I do like the idea of our lives as bits of opera. Not so keen on the thought of being videoed tho’!
      Have you seen jerry Springer The Opera? Brilliant!

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