Feline Mission

Not Cat is on a mission.

He’s trotting about the garden looking important. Every now and then he stares hard at some vegetation and pounces. The grasshoppers were having a bad time this morning, At one point he rushed indoors and there was a lot of clucking from next door. My guess is he’d been investigating the chickens. I’m not sure which species he’s hunting tonight.



No other cats about this evening. Last night they all came trotting by. Cat would have rolled up his sleeves and had a barny. Not Cat isn’t sure whether to run or make friends. When I walk up behind him, the other cats flee. Not Cat, mistaking this for evidence of his own power, races after them then struts back to me looking pleased with himself.

While I slept, he must have forced the window. I don’t know how long he enjoyed collarless freedom. Around half past five, I was woken by a strange drumming sound; Not Cat trying get back through the window. I went to let him in, and he reached for the mouse he had temporarily released.

We had a slight tussle in the door way. I won. The mouse escaped. Not Cat was inside. I shut the window and went back to bed. But not to sleep.

First Not Cat prowled and cried. Then he came and rubbed his face against mine. He sat on my head. He chewed my hair. In short, he made a thorough nuisance of himself.

At 7.04 i let him out. I had intended to get up at seven, but instead I went into a deep sleep for another hour. When I woke up, Not Cat was stretched out on my feet asleep.

Tonight's Prey?


16 thoughts on “Feline Mission

      • Naughty boys πŸ˜€

        We’ve been at the vet this evening for boosters. You would approve of this vet. She has seen Mackenzie about three times now but this was the first time she had seen Bertha. Although her beauty was remarked upon, it was Mackenzie who was given big cuddles and carried round the room πŸ˜€

  1. Laughing here at the description of NotCat making a “thorough nuisance” of himself. Sounds just the inspiration for a Simon’s Cat cartoon strip πŸ™‚

  2. Just updated with pix I couldn’t post with my slow (no I know I shouldn’t complain) connection last night.
    The rabbits are in the field beside the scheme. A couple of times, Not Cat has disappeared for quite a while and then come from that direction. It’s also where Cat disappeared for some heartstopping time back in March one night when I thought Mother was dying.
    Cat was definitely a model for Simon’s Cat. Just about everything but the baseball bat!

  3. Not quite. The new vet has very good Received Pronunciation (she does not sound like she’s from the North East) plus the practice is owned by a Scotsman whom I’ve been seeing for 20 years, so that may have influenced my description πŸ˜€

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