Mother’s Big Day and My Hopes For Her Future

We’ve heard.
Tomorrow is the big day. Mother will leave hospital for her new home.
Maybe this little flower could be a symbol for the coming days. It looks pretty hopeful to me.

Symbol of Hope

I decided, for lots of good and sensible reasons, not to take further time off work for the transfer, but as zero hour approaches – though actually we don’t know when tomorrow zero hour will be – I’m beginning to wish I’d been less level headed.

For Mother, I want this move to be a huge success. I want her to feel safe and secure, to feel loved and cared for; for there to be good people around her who take the time and trouble to get to know her, to read to her, to do her nails, to make her smile; for her weight to increase, for her leg to mend and those awful pressure sores to be history; for her to be able to walk if that’s what she wants, or to propel herself in a lightweight chair; for there to be visiting dogs every day and for the cat that lives downstairs to find its way to her and sleep on her bed; for her to feel she really is at home.


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